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About Us

At Mama Wang’s Pantry, our products are carefully selected, unique, and fresh so you can create delicious authentic food in the comfort of your home. 

Home-cooked meals have always brought my family and friends together. My goal is to help you do the same by providing the key ingredients you'll need. 

Today, a growing variety of dishes from different cultures are appearing on social media which might spark your desire to cook them. Shopping for new and  unfamiliar ingredients can be challenging, but we're here to help you expand your kitchen and the food you bring to the dinner table.

My Inspiration

My mother is my inspiration. She owned a restaurant in Taiwan where I learned to cook with a wide range of spices while helping her in the kitchen throughout my childhood. When we moved to the U.S., we had to give up our restaurant but the loss did not stop us from cooking and enjoying our homemade food.

I am also inspired by others who love cooking — trying new recipes from other cultures has elevated my appreciation of food to another level. 

My family and friends are my best supporters and together we have continued our vital family tradition of breaking bread together.

Our Commitment to Nature

We are committed to sustainability and minimizing industry waste. We strive to only use eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable and biodegradable bags while ensuring the quality and freshness of our products.